• Record your finer moments for posterity .


    • A downloaded spreadsheet automatically calculates your handicap.


    • Easily edited so if you have a PGA handicap, use that.


    • Show all the important stuff….Date/Course/Name etc….. yours or that of your group.


    • Up to 42 entries per sheet….as many sheets as you want.


    • Automatically saved on your device,  print it and impress the kids!


    • Easily personalised…… use a different language!.


    • Uses Excel or Google Sheets (download for free)….go to Free Trial below and see if it works for you.


    All for the cost of a couple of decent golf balls……

    It’s yours for life!.......

    No strings attached!

    Example above is based on 72 par course (18 hole) but you get two worksheet downloads....one for a 9 hole course, the other for 18 holes.

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    This is a automatic Golf handicapping and performance recording system which can be used for several players..... or for individual players over several games.

    Can be personalised.........for example....change the language!

    Based on an Excel/Google Sheets worksheet downloaded via Wix secure email.

    A couple of minutes updating the worksheet and you are ready for the next game.

    Initially you receive 3 downloads......

    1/  Worksheet... for a 9 hole  course.

    2/  Worksheet... for an 18 hole course.

    3/  An easy to follow set up procedure.

    Each A4 worksheet takes up to 42 players, or 42 individual performances, and you can download as many worksheets as you like.

    You own these worksheets ....no more annual fees!

    All info to get you started on the downloaded 'Worksheet' is on 'Setup'.....takes minutes to complete!

    Add more fun, competition, and structure to your regular golf games, social players benefit by having a regularly updated handicap, and players with a PGA handicap can easily include it in the worksheet.

     US$7.00 via secure PayPal and it's all yours!


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